This newly manufactured 7.62x39 full metal jacket ammunition is ideal for hunting, target practice, range training, or plinking. It is both economical and reliable and is produced by one of the most established ammunition plants in the world.
Tula ammunition derives its name from its birthplace, the Tula Cartridge Works in Tula, Russia.
The Tula Cartridge Works plant was founded in 1880 and is currently one of the largest ammunition manufacturing plants in the world. The Tula name has gained a following worldwide for its rugged, reliable, and economical product. This cartridge complies with CIP requirements and the casing features a polymer-coated steel casing with a non-corrosive Berdan Primer. The projectile features a bimetal jacket (contains steel and copper) and a lead core resulting in excellent ballistics characteristics.
This ammunition is rugged like the country where it was manufactured and keeps its qualities under temperatures ranging from -58 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit ensuring that it will perform when needed most.
MPN#: UL076203
UPC#: 814950015027

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As much as I want a spam can, the total cost after taxes to have it shipped to me is $218.42. I'll wait until the panic dies down before I start buying bulk ammo again.

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Panic is gonna be here a while. Better buy before prices gets worse! That being said, there are better deals

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