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The 5ive Star Gear® CDV-5S Cross Draw Vests are made with a rugged and durable ballistic weave material. It is designed for the specific needs and comfort of LE agencies with a mesh body that is lighter than most nylon vests. Side tab adjustable vest is reinforced to maintain shape and carry the weight of the pouches when filled, one shoulder has a recoil pad, heavy front zipper closure, all pouches have hook and loop flap closures, and a pistol belt with ALICE clips for additional gear and to prevent the vest from riding up.
- Heavyweight ballistic weave construction
- Internal air mesh lining for comfort
- Dual internal zippered air mesh document/ utility pockets
- Full zippered front reinforced with quick release buckles for added security
- First aid/ammo/utility pouch with id loop panel for identification
- Removable large frame adjustable holster with mag pouch
- Three pistol mag pouches
- Three 30 round mag pouches for M4 AR15/AK-47
- Rear reinforced drag strap
- Adjustable keepers for pistol or universal belts (pistol belt included)
Material - 1000v
WARNING This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to (California law requires this warning to be given to customers in the State of California.)
MPN#: cdv5s

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WARNING, buy from this website at you’re own risk. Google it. I’m currently going through it with them because I didn’t google it...

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To be able to have money,instead of just a bunch of expensive stuff stored somewhere, you buy the quality for the job intended. If you're going to do something where you need a tool only once, you go to Harbor freight. If you're going to buy a vest that you might wear once to walk to town during the apocalypse, you can buy a cheaper vest. If you're going to wear the vest to work every day then of course you would want to spend more money. Don't knock on something because it's expensive. All you know about this vest is that it doesn't cost much and that it comes from China like all the rest. Consider the purpose when you purchase something. I have two vests, one is a name brand that I spent a lot of money on and the other one (cheap Amazon) I bought for someone else. We held them up beside each other and rather than a name stitched on it, even the buckles were exactly the same.

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I have one of these and it is fine. It's just stitching for God's sake, not precision engineered metal parts. I agree, buy quality for the job intended. The vest itself is almost worth it just for the holster. I took it off and am using it as a stand-alone holster for my Security Six.

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Give me liberty, or give me this dumb vest.

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