5.56mm Full-Auto Profile Bolt Carrier Group - Cosmetic Blem, Ready for duty - $49.99

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Milspec Carpenter No. 158® steel bolt
Chrome Lined Carrier (AUTO profile)
Chrome Lined Gas Key
Gas Key Hardened to USGI Specifications
Gas Key Grade 8 Hardened Fasteners
Gas Key Staked
Tool Steel Extractor
Extractor Spring
Cosmetic Blem
SKU 36366
5.56mm Full-auto profile Bolt Carrier Group
For AR15 and M16 rifles and carbines. Made by a mil-spec contractor, these feature a Carpenter 158 Bolt, and a full profile chrome lined carrier.
Bolt is made of shot-peened, Mil-spec Carpenter 158® steel. Gas key is secured with grade 8 fasteners and staked. Bolt carrier is parkerized outside and chrome lined inside.
Cosmetic Blem, Ready for duty
SKU 36366

Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Bolt Carriers
MPN: 36366
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Out of stock -- 12/23/14 @

Out of stock -- 12/23/14 @ 1:04 PM EST

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Picked up two just now at

Picked up two just now at $49.99 each. Thanks.

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I don't see the price gouging

I don't see the price gouging or bad service. I've built this:

PSA upper
PSA lower build kit
PSA lower
BAD lever
Troy muzzle brake
Vortex Strikefire
Rail covers
Magpul Grip, CTR stock
Surefire weaponlight
MS3 sling

Never once had any problem whatsoever with Customer service, shipping times, or pricing. I've bought all this from PSA online, at the Columbia store, and at the new Greenville store. I'm not a PSA fanboy either. I'll buy from wherever. I talk with the guys at work every day and we really can't figure out why everyone else has problems with them. Obviously certain things are going to be higher, like .22LR when you can't find it anywhere. I mean you're not going to get .223 for 5.99 a box right now in brass. Compared to everywhere else, it's right on par for me. Ammo is a little better at big box stores like Academy but everything I don't understand what ya'll are experiencing.

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I have done business with PSA

I have done business with PSA a few times I wonder if this is part or a bad run they had. i ordered one of these new not blemed and they forgot to tighten the gas key before staking it. their CS is pretty good i'll continue using them,.

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In for one. I fully expect

In for one. I fully expect to see the standard ones for $99 soon, maybe less on BF. But, right now this is decent for a Carpenter 158 BCG, and I really want this for my current "blem build'. Still need a few blemished parts, like gas tube, charging handle...

Someone was selling blem BCGs with NiB coating. Stated blem was tool marks. Curious if these will be the same. Ill post back after it arrives.

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Fair pricing?!?! These guys

Fair pricing?!?! These guys were not as bad as CTD but they are certainly working in that direction. Hell look at the 375 brick of 22lr for $45 on there website now and tell me they aren't gouging!

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Just like with their lowers,

Just like with their lowers, they can't sell them any more at full price, and they sell them as "blemished" for cheaper.... I bet these are not blemished at all...

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So let me tell you all about

So let me tell you all about my experience with palmetto state... they sold a 100 dollar gift card for 90. Good so far. Then they have a sweet deal so i try to use both i bought and they will only let you use one at a time. Okay well apparently i missed it in the fine print so im still not down on them. Go to use my second gift card 2 weeks ago and it accepts the gift card but order wont go through... so i try again later after reloging in and the gift card is empty... was used on my error order that never sent... so after calling and having to argue with them because they said "it has been used" they finaly look into it and say they will send a new code via email... well here i am 2 weeks later no email. Card still does not work and finaly a worthy deal... now they are closed so by the time i call tomorrow it will be sold out. FUCK PALMETTO STATE!

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I have dealt with PSA several

I have dealt with PSA several times since the insanity hit. In general I have not had any major problems. The couple issues I did have with them they resolved fairly quickly and they were very polite and contrite. The last issue I had was a delay in shipping an order I bought as a gift. The website stated at that time (they have changed the wording slightly now) that due to high volumes orders would be shipped within 15 days. When day 17 arrived and I still had not received their customary UPS shipping notification I emailed them explaining this was a gift and I was counting on the timing the website posted. They responded within 48hrs stating the time frame was "15 working days". Although that's not what was advertised I accepted it. At that time they said my rifle kit would be shipped on the 8th of July. The 8th came and no UPS notification. Another email sent on the 9th and a response on the 11th was given. This time they were very apologetic and promising to "get to the bottom of things". Two more days passed and we were into the weekend already when I sent another email to them. My last email was bordering on rude. I asked them to make sure it was in the mail the following Monday or I wanted a refund. Later that Friday I received the UPS shipping confirmation and the kit arrived the following Tuesday. They never responded in word to my last email but at least they got it taken care of. In the end it took nearly a month to get the kit I had planned on receiving in 15 days. It was a fathers day gift planned for his visit the week of the 8th. Now he won't receive it until next month when he comes to visit again.

They recently changed the wording on their website and it now says something to the effect of "at least 15 days and holidays may delay shipping longer"

Others have confirmed the same story. I wouldn't expect receiving anything from PSA short of a month from the date of order.

I still will buy from them because they sell quality stuff at a great price but I just have had to lower my expectations when it comes to shipping times, etc. I think they are in the same boat as so many other decent companies out there who have had to weather the insanity storm from the other end. Because they are a good company who kept fair pricing they have been overwhelmed with business that they are having a hard time keeping up with. I fault my government more for this than anything.

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Going to go ahead and order

Going to go ahead and order now while it's in stock and if they really care about their customers they will subtract the difference tomorrow. We'll see how great their customer service really is, will post tomorrow, after cooling off a little ill give them a chance to redeem themselves.

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They credited my cc so they

They credited my cc so they are forgiven and back on my good list

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I wonder if these are MPI

I wonder if these are MPI marked bolts?

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Maybe thats the

Maybe thats the blem.......LOL

Either way, its a good price for a backup. PSA was using CMT bolts last I heard anyway......so they are MP, just may not be marked.

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What's an MP marked bolt?

What's an MP marked bolt?

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Basically Magnafluxed, or

Basically Magnafluxed, or Metal Particle tested. It is used to show any cracks in the bolt. On a Carpenter 158 Bolt, the metal is extremely hard, and any microfractures can be bad news. Most companies that use Carpenter 158 buy it in very large quantities because that is the only way it is sold. Therefore, knowledge states that a 158 bolt is typically made by one of the 8 or so places in the country that make bolts. The largest are LMT , and CMT. Those two companies make the majority of bolts for BCGs. They MP all their bolts, but the cost is higher if they are engraved or etched as such. Some companies "batch test" them, so they may check every 100 parts to make sure everything is ok. This doesn't make them "better" it just sort of certifies" them against cracks and defects. Your better bolts are MPI tested, and HP (High pressure) as well as marked. BCM and Spikes do this, among others.

Hope that helps.

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Why did anyone vote down on

Why did anyone vote down on this very helpful explanation?

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