Comfortable/durable/professional for casual wear or tactical operation. Nubuck, distressed leather upper. Ortholite insoles. Full rubber outsole. Integrated fence climbing lugs. Recon platform for natural strides. Running shoe performance.


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So children's sized tennis shoes are "gun deals?"

We have had numerous problems with their clothing and their shoes NOT running true to size.... they charge return shipping also !!!!

And just how is field supply responsible for a 3rd parties product running small? I've ordered at least a dozen times from field supply and have zero complaints about any clothing item I received. It's YOUR JOB to do some research as to how a product fits before ordering it as there is plenty of info available online. If you are going to blame a company for fitment issues on products that they don't manufacture themselves, then find a brick and mortar store and try the product on first before blaming a company for something that is completely out of their control

Those are fugly as hell.. What kinda jackwagon mall ninja is gonna wear them things?

These tactical shoes should have a picatinny style tread pattern.

Size runs very small

Holy shit those are ugly shoes.

Still waiting for the 7.62x25 version.

Doesn’t Bolt wear these when he runs?

Whoa I already bought the tactical slip on running loafers


R&D Team at 5.11 still high as a F@cking Kite I see


What's so "tactical" about this shoe? Are the special forces or swat team wearing them during missions? Or Chuck Norris wore similar ones on one of hes movies? lmfao

FYI: the shoe is made by the *company* called "5.11 Tactical;" there is nothing inherently "tacticool" about the shoes...

Oh. Do at least come with a scope mount lol

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