Description may earn a modest commission from your Amazon purchase - offers 5.11 Holster Pouch, Black + Free Shipping on orders over $25. The 5.11 Back-up Belt System is a unique system which provides secure storage of gear in many compatible garments made by 5.11 Tactical Series. The Cuff Pouch can be used in many 5.11 Tactical Series garments including Jackets, TDU and uniform pants, and vests. This unique system can be adjusted to fit in an unlimited number of positions and angles for quick access to necessary gear. Made of tough nylon with reinforced backing, the Cuff Pouch can be custom placed to suit your personal needs. It is easy to adjust and always accessible using our trademark Back-up-Belt System. Whether you are carrying the cuffs in the cargo pockets of our TDU pants or the hidden pockets of our Tactical Vest, they’ll be there when you need them. The backing of the pouch includes a stiffener which helps to keeps handcuffs secure even during vigorous activities. The Velcro closures are of the highest quality and can withstand repeated use. The heavy duty nylon materials resist tearing, abrasion and wear and the color will remain fast. The Back-up Belt System Cuff Pouch is an exceptional value either alone or in combination with our Back-up-Belt System Kit which also includes a holster, baton pouch and mace pouch. We have the accessories you need at a great price.

Product Features:
Adjustable holster to accommodate a variety of handguns
Adjustable locking straps to keep handgun secure
Pouch features a hook-side Velcro backing
Attaches to compatible 5.11 garments
Heavy duty nylon

Item model number: 59002-019

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