AR15 Uppers! Upper Receivers Starting @ $149! 100% MILSPEC Made in the USA with Quality Parts Lifetime Warranty!

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California legal  

We source our barrels from Bear Creek Arsenal. Our Uppers and components are sourced from Ghost Firearms and Anderson Manufacturing. Please note that unless stated otherwise, BCG's an CH's are sold additionally.

About Us
Don't overpay for a quality AR15. At 22Mods4All we manufacture all of our products here in sunny Florida to rigorous quality & performance specifications and standards. Items are built to order by our military veteran gunsmiths and machinists. We work individually with each order to ensure a good fit between customer and product, providing a warranty on parts and assembly to ensure proper function. There are many companies out there who charge more for the same product however, we believe that a quality product at the right price is the best model for repeat business, and customer satisfaction. Give us a try today, and we look forward to bringing you in to the 22Mods4All family.

All parts are quality made here in the USA from the barrel to the smallest screws and pins, and carefully inspected for defects to meet strict in-house criteria. Our gun-smiths are military veterans with several decades of combined military experience, and take pride in the quality of their work and attention to detail. All orders come with a limited lifetime warranty on parts ensuring a smooth transition for any replacements or repairs.

Help us fight the spread of Chinese made Airsoft parts! These parts are made from stolen patents with poor quality metals and plastics, never inspected or held to standards, and shipped illegally to the United States to compete with national businesses. The parts are marketed as Airsoft and then attached to AR15's illegally. Many companies are advertising and selling these parts illegally. No matter where you buy your gun and gun accessories, we recommend asking where each part was sourced and holding companies accountable for the quality and origin of their parts. Let's fight to keep AR15's MADE IN THE USA!

Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Uppers
Brand: Bear Creek Arsenal
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Thanks for the follow-up and

Thanks for the follow-up and clarification on the delays caused by the sudden influx of orders. It makes sense.

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I tried calling during

I tried calling during business hours Monday and Tuesday multiple times, left two voicemails and sent 2 emails trying to get information on my order.

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22Mods4All's picture

I apologise. Please give me

I apologise. Please give me the order details via PM and I will get you the shipping information.

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Looking forward to mid-length

Looking forward to mid-length gas system deals. would love to see option for longer barrels too

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Would be great if it wasn't

Would be great if it wasn't for the carbine length gas system. Would be much better to have a mid-length.

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Not a bad idea, I'll throw

Not a bad idea, I'll throw together some mid-length deals tomorrow and try my best to match the price range. For those still looking for the very popular carbine length system, these are a great deal!

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Let me know when you get one

Let me know when you get one put together. I wasn't trying to rag the deal, b/c its a GREAT deal. I just prefer mid-length systems if its going to be a 16" barrel b/c the loss in muzzle velocity. Let me know if you can or cant, i'm probably going to buy one regardless, but would prefer mid-length.

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Ok. I've got 100 Mid-Length systems up and ready to go. I've priced them the exact same price to help you pull that trigger a little faster!

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I'll have those up likely

I'll have those up likely next week. In the meantime give us a call Monday 10-7pm EST (561) 926-5888 and we will be happy to put that together for you before it goes up online.

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