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Product Symbol: USA45AVP
Suggested Use: Plinking/Target
Features: Accurate, Sure Functioning, Controlled Recoil, Made in the USA
* Cartridge: 45 Automatic
* Bullet Weight: 230
* Rounds Per Box: 100
* Rounds Per Case: 500
This ammo is a great choice for American made target range ammunition. Winchester is one of Americas favorite brands of ammunition, and this has always been a popular product. This ammo is of course brass case, non-corrosive boxer primer, copper jacketed FMJ that is range safe and not magnetic. At SGAmmo we strive to offer value in both price and delivery. We offer some of the lowest prices on the web with consistent quick delivery of your order, in-stock, well packaged and delivered by UPS.
SKU#: USA45AVP-500cs

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Best price so I bought the 500 rounds. . . 5 cases of 100 rd per cases from Guns Midwest. I received 1-of-5 cases and told them about it today (Saturday) via email. I'll call them up Monday. I'm a little dissappointed but hey people makes mistakes. Hopefully they fix this fast and do not give me any BS. Will post an update Monday after hearing from them.

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Please tell me what any of what you said has to do with this posting and being sold by Academy? This isn't Guns Midwest, so nobody cares.

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Sorry MilitaryVet my fault. Still it's advertised as 500 rounds for $34. Good thing is Academy clarified that in the website whereas the other site didn't.

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