45ACP S&B 230gr FMJ Ammo, 1000rd case. *SALE* - $279.90

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Price: $279.90
Price per round: $0.280
@J&G Sales

S&B 45ACP 230gr FMJ, made in Czech Republic, brass case, boxer primer, non-corrosive. 1000rd case. Has a velocity of 853 feet per second at the muzzle and 322 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle. Manufacture part #45D. 1000rd case.
ATTENTION: All ammunition requires an adult signature over 21 upon delivery, no exceptions.
The following locations have ammunition restrictions.
If you are in Illinois a FOID card must be on file before we will ship.
If you are in Connecticut a state permit must be on file before we will ship.
If you are in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York State, or Massachusetts we will only ship to an FFL dealer.
SKU#: 5-571c

Amount: 1000
Category: Ammo
Caliber: 45 ACP
Brand: Sellier & Bellot
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jjmIII_Ruger's picture

$259.80 free

Krombopulos_Michael's picture

I'll correct the typo if J&G

I'll correct the typo if J&G won't.
With $43 shipping, *SALE* was supposed to read "SALE".

0 votes
0 votes
las vegas eagle's picture

shipping to las vegas $30.00

shipping to las vegas $30.00 it is still a great deal for me....

0 votes
0 votes

$60 shipping. LOL. These

$60 shipping. LOL. These types of "ads" and "retailers" should be permanently banned for posting misleading info.

3 votes
0 votes

Shipping kills the

Shipping kills the deal....
$53.89 for shipping to Florida.

After shipping it's the same price as Federal from Wally World.

3 votes
0 votes
FreeInAZ's picture

J&G used to have some smoking

J&G used to have some smoking deals. Now they are just smoking crack, it appears. :( You are correct after shipping it is cheaper to get it local.

4 votes
0 votes

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