GlowShot 7" Multi Color Reactive Targets. You will "See Your Hits Instantly." These targets use GlowShot Technology to produce a colored ring around your hits. No more walking down range or picking a spotting scope to see your hits. Each ring is a different color so you can see your hit location easier. These targets are made of a heavy duty reinforced tag board to withstand dozens of shots. Attach the target to any surface. When you are done shooting, you can remove the target and take it home for analysis or bragging rights. 7" Targets come in 40 and 100 Packs. - Search GlowShot for all our 6", 8", 10" and 10"x16" Target Sizes and Packs.
Product Features:
40 Pack - Multi-Color Reactive Splatter Targets (100 Packs also available)
Made with Heavy Duty non-Adhesive Tag Board - Withstands dozens of hits.
Use for Gun Targets & Rifle Targets - Also works with Airsoft and BB Guns
Search GlowShot for all our Target Sizes and Packs

Item model number: 7001-40

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