Target Selection Guidelines -

VALUE - Grab them all here makes a great Christmas gift

VARIETY - A solid variety of targets to test your skill 3" 4" 6" 8" 10" 12"

QUALITY - Bead blasted front and back and CNC LASER CUT for amazing cut quality.

DURABLE - Genuine DOD approved 46100 steel 515 Brinell will last FOREVER with proper use.

STRONG - Perfect for use with pistols or even AR15 (must still follow golden rules here)

HANG WITH - 1/2" Holes designed for use with our TARGET HANGERS (not included)

Weight: 29 lbs
Mounting Holes: 1/2"
These 46100 gongs are similar to AR500 except they are a bit harder
coming in at brinell 515 on our KingScan Hardness tester.

46100 faces much more strict manufacturing standards than AR500 and costs a good deal
more than ordinary AR500 does. We have a limited number of these available
from drops from a DOD contract at this crazy low price so don't miss your chance to save.

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Not free shipping. You have to buy more.

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A valuable add-on consideration that will get you above the free shipping threshold is the $45 strap and hardware kit the site features.

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