It's easy to create durable and functional outdoor furniture, storage solutions, and more using 2x4basics® do-it-yourself products – just add 2x4's! Build your own custom workbench with integrated shelving using our 2x4basics WorkBench Legs with ShelfLinks and your lumber. This innovative, do-it-yourself system lets you easily assemble a custom workbench with any dimensions up to 8 feet long and 4 feet wide, all in less than an hour. Sturdy 2x4 framing and advanced engineering make the 2x4basics WorkBench with ShelfLinks stable, durable and strong. Instructions and hardware included, all you need is lumber and tools for assembly."}},"Directions":{"fabric_care_instructions":{"values":["Follow instructions provided on the tag or packaging."],"displayName":"Fabric Care Instructions","displayValue":"Follow instructions provided on the tag or packaging.
Made of durable, maintenance-free structural resin, the WorkBench legs and ShelfLinks are built to last – 2x4s not included Workbench and ShelfLinks support spans up to 8-feet (2.4 m) and 1000 pounds (400 kg) per shelf Customizable to your needs, make your DIY WorkBench any size between 2 – 8 feet long and up to 4 feet wide, and stain, paint, or finish your wood as you desire All necessary hardware and easy-to-follow instructions included — simple assembly is required. Lumber and tools not included. Only straight, 90° cuts are required, with no miters or angles Kit includes: 4 black WorkBench legs, 6 black ShelfLinks, hardware pack To make your custom unit, you will need: 2x4’s and plywood or particle board (amount determined by preferred size of your workbench, lumber guide included), a screwdriver (power screwdriver recommended), a tape measure and saw if lumber is not already cut to size WorkBench legs stand 36 inches high (90cm), single ShelfLink measures 5”x 3”x15.5” Assembled unit dimensions depend on customized design
- Features: Shelves
- Brand: 2x4 Basics
- Material: Wood
- Model: 90164
- Manufacturer Part Number: 90164
- Maximum Weight: 751 - 1000 lbs
- Assembled Product Weight: 21 lbs
- Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 10.50 x 12.00 x 34.50 Inches
#SKU: 554926627
MPN 90164
Walmart # 554926627

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Or make your own with 2x4s, screws and liquid nails. Will never fall apart and less expensive.

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Who finding these "deals"? A chinese bot or something?

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0 votes Use one of their gazillion coupons & get it for $80. Good ol harbor freight chi-com workmanship

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I got this one it isn’t heavy duty the metal/wood is borderline flimsy but it’s descent for the money.

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