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Combined with double 100% real Carbon fiber rods of each legs,weight(8.8oz) of this bipod is lighter than metal aluminum, but strength is higher than steel.
With return springs and leg release button, the leg length can be adjusted from 6 inches (152mm)to 9 inches(225mm).
High &low temperature resistance,corrosion&fatigue resistance-Carbon fiber bipod can be used to any environment, it can hold the rifle more stably and shoot more accurately.
The surface of this carbon fiber bipod is more slippery, the pattern looks more stylish. From different perspective,the surface will reflect various pattern,which makes your bipod distinguish from others.It feels better and experiences better, brings you unprecedented ease.
Adjustable leg length: 5 settings for different length, the bipod is ready to meet your needs.Come with the mount adapter and wrench, you can install the bipod to your rifle conveniently.

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I ordered one. I sent it back because it wasn't working out of the box. The part that connects the bipod stud and Pic rail didn't attach at all. I did wind up with the UTG TL-BP01-A. That one is about $50 more and actually works very well. In this case you get what you pay for, save your $.

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