$25 for $50 for Optics Planet

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If you want to shield your eyes from the sun—or see long after the sun’s gone down—OpticsPlanet.com has got you covered. This online store is the destination for all things optical, with an impressive selection of sunglasses, night-vision goggles, binoculars and all sorts of ’scopes, like telescopes, microscopes and spotting scopes, to name a few. Looking to set your sights on a new hobby? There’s a team of experts on-hand to take your questions and get you geared up for any optic adventure, be it stargazing, birdwatching or target shooting. With so much to choose from, the only hard part will be staying focused.

Huge selection of high-quality optic items
Binoculars, sunglasses, designer & Rx eyewear
Riflescopes, spotting scopes, holsters
Thousands of top brands
Expert customer service team

Category: Accessories
Caliber: Optics & Sights
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Sign up with this seller and

Sign up with this seller and get a $5 off $49.95+ order coupon good for 20 days too.

I'll post my code here because I love you guys that much. Remember, you can't use it in combination with any other code (so you can't use it with this $50 voucher or any other promo).

Coupon Code: 9a74625

Also, after you make a purchase, when you get your invoice it will contain a code for 5% off your next order.

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I just used 2 of these to buy

I just used 2 of these to buy 2 Maxpedition bags, the jumbo and fatboy. Each of these is decently priced on it's own but with the 25 dollars off it is great deal. They also come with free aluminum water bottles which cost 23 bucks each on amazon. I will probably only keep one bag and bottle then sell one set on ebay for a small profit. I got two because I'm not sure which size is best for me.

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This deal is pretty much JUST

This deal is pretty much JUST what I've been looking for, especially when you consider they price match! Bought two of these codes; I'm sure I (and some mysterious "giftee") will be using 'em before the end of next week. :)

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Dude. Thank you. For some

Dude. Thank you.
For some reason I got it in my head they didn't price match. I _knew_ they did at some point lol, but convinced myself they didn't.

Glad you mentioned the price matching though.

Hey does anybody know: Is this a 1 times use code? Or can I use like $10 on one purchase and $40 on another, separate puchase?

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You can only use one per

You can only use one per order, and if you use this certificate you cannot use a coupon code

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No problem; I like seeing

No problem; I like seeing folks here get the best deals. As for your question, Google Offers says it's a one-time use code and that's usually the way these things work. You've got a few months to decide what you want, though, so it shouldn't be a problem. (Also, I don't see why you'd want to use less than $29.95 on one purchase since that's the order minimum for free shipping - entirely reasonable.)

Gotta say, though, this is a PHENOMENAL DEAL. To anybody on the fence, let me share the details of my recent transaction with these folks:

1) Decided on what I wanted. For me, this was the Butler Creek UPLULA, AR15/M16 LULA, and Hogue Handall Jr. grip. [Product numbers BX-1S-24222 , BX-1S-LULA-24215 , and 1H-GU-18000 respectively.]

2) OpticsPlanet has the best deal on the Handall Jr. grips that I was able to find - even beating out Amazon (!) - at $6.99, but their prices on the Butler Creek products weren't so hot. Solution? I got them to price match the UPLULA for $24.25 (best deal around by quite a bit; even beats the front-page deal here) from "TazStore" [http://tazstore.com/Butler-Creek%20Lula-Universal-Pistol-Loader]. The AR15/M16 LULA price match was a bit trickier - I suggested they PM OpticPlanet - it's $18.99 there - but they said they couldn't PM that store. The CS agent told me the best they could do was $20.50, which was still better than anywhere else by quite a few bucks, so I said I was okay with that.

3) Placing the order was a little trickier. There were two issues:
(a) the Hogue Handall Jr. is on backorder until May. I'm in no rush so I asked if I could backorder my entire order until the grip is ready to ship and still get the free shipping (I'd have had to pay $6.99 shipping on the grip otherwise, which I found kinda silly) and was told yes.
(b) the voucher and PM discounts are apparently incompatible - you can't have both. I politely asked why the code couldn't count as a regular GC and, after providing the code, was told that it shows up as one of their gift certificates and to just go ahead and place the order - they would manually adjust my order for the value of the PM discounts afterward. Works fine for me!

Long story short, I'm getting the Butler Creek UPLULA, AR15/M16 LULA, and Hogue Handall Jr. grip for $26.74 - that's LESS than the current best price on Amazon for the AR15/M16 LULA, not even $2 more than the current best price on Amazon for the UPLULA, and a damn fine deal overall. Anybody wanna try and beat that? =)

Now get on over there and buy one - or better yet, two - of these! Any deal where you can get half off at a store that price matches and has decent inventory should be a mandatory 5-star and front page post, I believe, provided the store doesn't totally suck. (As such, this should be glued to the front page until it runs out.)

Currently got my eyes on some hearing protection and maybe clothing/a holster for my next GC. =D

EDIT: Received confirmation e-mail/invoice at 3:39 P.M. and a personal (and very nice!) e-mail from the CS guy who handled my order at 3:54 P.M. going over the details. Awesome!

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