22mods4all Introduces our Cerakote Sets
Want a better color to make your AR look GREAT? We have you covered! Check out these sets that you could make your next AR look like!

All sets include the following:

- Stripped Upper Receiver (In up to 5 different colors)
- Stripped MIL-SPEC 80% lower receiver (depending on set that is purchased this could change from an 80% lower receiver to a stripped lower receiver)
- Stripped MIL-SPEC ZAVIAR lower receiver (depending on set that is purchased this could change from a stripped lower receiver to an 80% lower receiver)
- ZAVIAR MLOK or KEYMOD lightweight 6061 T6 Aluminum handguard
- Barrel Nut and Screws

These sets are made to be able to change out your frames from the normal black AR colors that you receive, without the hassle of having to buy all the parts separately! All sets are subject to change regarding the length and style of the handguards, type of lower receiver and color.

All parts that you see in these sets are sold as individual items for the shooter that is just looking for a single part in a certain color.

Check out these sets, now!

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Even as a set prices average between $80-$90 per piece before shipping and tax you could get it shipped out to be cerakoted cheaper than that.

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Totally misleading post. Be careful to read each listing and don't go based on the pictures. Lists black "cerakote" kit, but pictures light grey. Not at all what you'd expect. Also, that's the only kit that is the listed price. Spam. Self-promotion. Click bait. No good.

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I was thinking I might try the titanium blue set, but the deal comes with an 80% lower. To buy the parts separately in order to get a finished lower would cost an additional $65 over the price of the set, when there is only $20 difference between the cost of lower receivers. Makes no sense to me so I pass. I do like the color so I may just get one of my aero precision sets cerakoted instead.

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