Last weekend available (ends January 7)

2018 Holiday 3 pack. Ships USPS Priority free.

Make any combination of 3 cans and fired brass. Cans are surplus M19A1 (30cal) cans.

* For processed brass, please see the processed brass holiday pack (starting 12/12/2018) *

$57.75 price is for 3 pack of 5.56LC/5.56LC/5.56LC (lowest of all combinations). For the price of other UN-processed combinations, add the individual prices for each 2018 Holiday Un-processed brass cans:

$19.25 -- 5.56 LC (300 brass) Un-processed

$20.25 -- 7.62 Nato (200 brass) Un-processed

$23.50 -- 7.62 LC (200 brass) Un-processed

Cans are military surplus (i.e.: used / not new), but all cans have functioning seals.
Cans may have some surface dirt and/or rust

* If you would like to make a mixed 3 pack combination of UN-processed and processed brass, please send an email to with your 3 can selections for a customized invoice/checkout.

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Very clean unprocessed brass! Fast shipping, took only 4 days to receive (including 2 weekend days). Would purchase again from Kaleo Arms.

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