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CanMunition features ammunition by Fiocchi and it's packed right here in the USA

CanMunition™ is the most revolutionary packaging to hit the ammunition market in decades. CanMunition™ provides a completely sealed, waterproof, lightproof, oxygen-free environment to keep the moisture out and your ammo in tip-top shape until you're ready to use it, even if that's decades from now. Get it soaking wet? No problem. Store it in your musty damp garage, bring it on!

Our newest .223 offering is a 55 Grain Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail loaded for us by our good friends at Fiocchi.

Don't just think of it as ammo in a beverage can, think of it as encasing your ammunition in a protective aluminum box complete with it's own micro-environment with the oxygen removed and replaced with inert gas. Since CanMunition™ is packed in this amazing beverage can featuring a full aperture end for easy access, once you pop the top,we include a handy-dandy lid to re-close it for the road home.....and it'll even fit in the cupholder in your truck!

CanMunition™ is great-shooting ammo and makes a great gift!

This CanMunition™ is manufactured and packed right here in the USA 40 rounds to the can.

Say "goodbye" to cheap soggy cardboard boxes forever!

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