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18% Off WC-846 Rifle Powder w/ code "846"

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AM 223 Rem 55gr FMJ in STOCK!

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Well...tried calling. Seems no one will answer. The voice prompt wants you to email instead.
So here, I have a question. Your sale was for one day? Seems that when I entered my CC info, the system would not process it. I triple checked my information. Website states, 24/7 phone number, but that just leads you to a prompt to email instead.
Low and behold, next day, steep price increase. This sale wasn’t for a day, this sale was never meant to be a real thing. This was a pure ploy to generate traffic to the site with absolutely no intention of selling the powder for the advertised price. If you intended to sell their WC-846 for $200 for 16lbs, you would have never changed the price, “and” you would have the credit card systems operational.
To add, there are other retailers selling the same WC-846 for less, given your current price increase...with price included (free) hazmat.

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