***On clearance due to muzzle threads being on the high end of spec. You may encounter some resistance with muzzle devices that are on the tighter end of spec. However, even tighter muzzle devices will wrench on. ***

All other aspects of these barrels meet our stringent QC standards and are covered under warranty.

This 16" M4 Profile barrel for 5.56/.223 with carbine length gas system is the perfect value barrel for that extra build or interchangeable upper. These barrels are MANUFACTURER OVERRUNS, meaning they are not traditionally sold to the public. They feature a Black Nitride / Melonited type of nitrocarburized case hardening that aide in resistance to corrosion.

Length - 16"
Material - 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium
11-Degree Target Crown - Further improve accuracy
Profile - M4
Finish - Black Nitride
Gas System Length - Carbine
Gas Block Journal - .750" Gas Block Journal
Twist Rate - 1/7 Twist
Muzzle - 1/2x28 Threaded
Weight - 28oz

UPC: 860006522113

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I'd consider buying a couple of these at 45/shipped.

It's just carbine gas+high end of spec threads make this a "no" for me, even at 60.

Every other month primary arms blows out 14.5 and 16" chrome lined mid gas barrels for 70 that aren't "blem" and they shoot AWESOME.

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1 vote

The M4 barrel profile is about the dumbest ever. Save your pennies, get a Faxon "Gunner" profile which puts the metal where it matters most. The govt. really screwed the pooch w/ the bassackwards barrel profile they chose for the M16A2 and then chopped-short-but-stayed-stupid for the M4...

2 votes
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Exactly, unfortunately too many people keep buying this stupid profile because the gov uses it, must be good! From an engineering POV, it's just about the most suboptimal design. Came about due to government incompetence and human stupidity, now we have to live with this dumb crap.

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