Functionally Perfect - Aesthetically Challenged

Includes cosmetic blems that didn't make it past QC (includes other laser markings). Comes with the same Life-Time performance warranty.

The 5.56 Mid Evo Ultra Lite 14.5" Upper is a lightweight upper that incorporates the patented Adams Arms technology. This upper has been upgraded with Samson Evolution free-float rail and VooDoo Innovations Jet Comp Pinned to legal length. The piston system parts and the barrel have been treated with our salt nitride Meloniting process making them harder and more corrosive resistant than hard chrome. Add the patented Adams Arms piston system and you'll have an upper that will run cleaner, cooler, and longer than any other AR upper you own.

Includes bolt carrier assembly and charging handle

*Weight: 4.288 lbs

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Beware of these BLEM units from Adams Arms. I purchased 2 uppers (7.5" and 10.5") both of which failed to extract. Initially they tried to claim it was my ammo and after multiple back and forth trips to the range to disprove their expert analysis I finally sent them back. All of this after requesting a refund and being denied. After multiple times sending the uppers back it finally came to light the barrels were out-of-spec from their manufacturer. On top of that - every time they'd send them back as "fixed", there would be nicks on the finish, missing parts, etc. A bunch of headaches dealing with support and a ton of time invested to sort out problems.

There are better piston options available now and wouldn't roll the dice with their products ever again.

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