This mind-blowingly amazing oislick rainbow tactical unicorn chameleon snowflake coating is now available on super awesome barrels to match the already super awesome bolt carrier groups.

- .223 Wylde Chamber (shoots 5.56 or .223)
- M4 Contour Profile 
- 10.5" length, Carbine gas 
- .750 gas block diameter
- 1:8 twist
- 1/2-28 Threads

Note: this is for 1 barrel. BCG not included. 


Select the add on option to add to your custom designed upper, select the PVD barrel of your choice, then add the 10.5" barreled upper of your choice to your cart.  The 10.5" PVD barrel you select will be installed to replace the barrel on the upper of your choice!  Call for any questions!

Item #: 10.5ss-oilslick

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Wow, looks like you make friends everywhere. Life tip; when the entire world hates you, maybe the world isn't the problem but you are.


BTW, looks like HillaryRottenClinton is ready for yet another name change!!! How many has it been so far "sparky?"

“What aesthetic are you going for”
“Gimme dat BP oil spill look”
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Infinitely better than Muddy Girl!

If you have pink furniture on your gun and dont have this barrel, well you cant sit at the cool kids table anymore

I love the description

I love the description

Hey these might attract some of the folks you don’t want buying guns in the first place. #thinkaboutit just sayin, lol

Like who? My wife. Stuff like this makes all the difference to her

Good for a Mardi Gras build.

Hahaha definitely.

Pink Magpul furniture would look great with this!
In all seriousness, wives or girlfriends who like girly looking would work.

These look fabulous! Would go great with a spikes unicorn lower, make an sbr for my little girl perhaps?

Only making them in Wylde (Jammathon) And to you Trolls that will be remarking back about Wylde! I have 15 AR's in my house 3 used to be Wylde Jams 100+ times more then any of my 5.56 Ar's. Got ride of all of them. Reason they have 5.56 for any carbon or larger brace that might happen. Always will be fanboys for anything and everything no matter how Horrid and stupid!

I'm now dumber from reading this.

3,000 rounds out of "Wylde" and never once a jam. Learn to build, clean and lubricate dumbass.

Sounds like that guy who 'got rid' of all his Sigs because the rebate was denied for him and his brother. Only he knew how to spell 'rid'. McDougall-I was also going to ask him what he is on. Does sound like Meth.

WTF does "Reason they have 5.56 for any carbon or larger brace that might happen" supposed to mean?
Lay off the Meth.
That being said, I imagine you could ask for a Rainbow Brite 5.56 barrel.

Stop buying/building POS ARs and they might work, Cletus.

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'Cletus'. :D

Maybe put the wheels back on your trailer full of AR's and tow it somewhere illiterate people can tolerate your nonsense. The chambering doesn't cause jambs. Now if you posted this nonsense here because you're attracted to these hendrix barfed on them "totally baked" barrels, I totally understand that you of all people would be.

If he moved his trailer, where would he live? I think he was hit in the head with a baseball when he was little. Little bit nuts if you ask me. One of those kids who sticks his bologna on the school bus window. Who like sticking forks into electrical sockets. He'll be alright though.

Because Wylde Idiot fan boys, To ignorant to understand the reason for 5.56 and the chamber! I have BC, And Daniel Defence ar's on top of the other 10+ I own. Did world of warcraft Fanboy forums kick you out? Little ignorant kids like you shouldn't even play with Real guns.

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You should probably just go ahead and delete yourself.

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