1000lm Cree Xm-l T6 Led Flashlight Torch 501b Us Seller + Free Shipping - $9

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1000lm Cree Xm-l T6 Led Flashlight Torch 501b Us Seller
*Output bright can come to above 1000 lumens [lm]
*Model of LED: CREE XM-L T6 LED
*Internal wiring applies the high efficient booster circuit, working voltage is wide and can utilize the batteries in the largest extent.
*Waterproofing design
*Aluminum alloy casing
*Aluminum alloy reflector
*5 switch Mode: high / middle / low / strobe / sos
*Power by : 1 x 18650 3.7v(Not Included)
*Colour : Black
*Size(mm):135 x 30(bezel)/25(body)
*Weight : 96g
ASIN: B00750G3E0
Item model number: 502B

Category: Accessories
Caliber: Flashlights & Lasers
MPN: 502B
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ad shows 501b, but in

ad shows 501b, but in description it shows 502b... The 502b is a good light, that i use multiples of daily. The 501b has a bad rear cap design that fails often and the machine work made them gall into the casing if you change batteries often. if it's a 502b, those can be had for $6-8 all over the place.

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This is very deceptive

This is very deceptive advertising. Can a Cree T6 do 1000 lumens? Well technically yes, if driven to maximum it can do about 1400 lumens (driven around 6 amps!) IF properly heat sinked for a very short time. Realistically the T6 does about 900 lumens driven at about 3.5 amps and properly heat sinked. In a 501b host you cannot properly heat sink this LED for 900 lumens at any reasonable service life. Furthermore with protected batteries you won't be able to get the current draw required for this level of output in the configuration advertised. Very few 18650 batteries could support a 3.5 amp draw, if any.
My bet is this lamp is set up to throw about 400-500 OTF lumens in this tiny host with a single 18650 protected battery (you don't want to mess with unprotected LiPo's, they can be very dangerous while charging or drawing at heavy loads, they explode) and have a reasonable service life. Does that mean itis a bad deal....no, it just isn't what is advertised. 400-500 lumens out of a small lamp like this is pretty darn impressive....just don't expect it to last long. Buy two or three at this price and throw them away when they quit working.....

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mine scores 913lm

mine scores 913lm consistently. like with anything specs are always going to be the max. and trust me this is plenty bright to blind someone and a great thrower.

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How did you measure your

How did you measure your "lumens"? This is not a simple process. To do it properly you need an integrating sphere. It can be calculated using other methods but the most precise is with a sphere. If you are using a Lux meter then you are talking about an entirely different unit of measurement and depending on your method your 913 may represent a wide range of lumen values, none of which will equal 913 lumens. Trying to have a discussion about measuring lumens here is way to long of a topic but if anyone is interested you can query some searches at www.candlepowerforums.com.

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i took my light meter. took a

i took my light meter. took a reading just like i would when i am taking photo's. its not brain surgery.

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Not an accurate reading of

Not an accurate reading of flashlight output. You need a sphere like stated above. These light output around 500-600 lumens.

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Here is a good discussion of

Here is a good discussion of this topic for anyone interested


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loving mine. i bought a

loving mine. i bought a second one and they both work a treat. lights up very well 80 foot with good spread and light coverage.

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mine should be here today.

mine should be here today. buy the charger battery combo and add a couple batts with it and you should be good to go. lujmens are really about 600

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TMART has this light for 11.99. Thanks to BENWALLS for sending me there for rechargeable batteries / charger in his post.. Thanks again ,


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Correct, but it is only $1

Correct, but it is only $1 cheaper and it does not ship from US, so expect at least 3-4 weeks delivery time. The one on Amazon is advertised that ships from USA, so I think it is worth paying an extra $1 for fast delivery.

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No battery or charger

No battery or charger included. You'll need a single 18650 battery.
Another $14 on top of the cost of the light.

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2 batteries for $8 shipped

You still need a charger.

You still need a charger.

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I recommend this one, comes

I recommend this one, comes with two 18650 batteries and it can charge 14500, 17500, 18500, 17640 or 18650 batteries, I believe one of these is CR123. ships from US http://www.slickguns.com/product/ultrafire-charger-2pcs-37v-3000mah-li-i...

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Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

I read somewhere that

I read somewhere that Ultrafires were relabeled used (or recycled) laptop batteries.

Any truth to that? I bought the cheap charger package w/ 2 18650's from amazon (like $14)but have no idea how they fared because I bought them for Mom and her EagleTac D25LC2 Clicky purse light. (AMAZING torch BTW)... Anyway, she's still on CR123's and hasn't used the Ultrafires yet.. I'm somewhat concerned, after purchasing I read reviews w/ pics on Amazon where the charger and batteries caught fire on the wall... So I'm not completely confident and told her to keep an eye out. Guess I'll know for sure if they burn her house down.

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I have used the cheap

I have used the cheap TrustFire batteries, hundreds of the, without any issues. I used to build handheld lasers as a hobby and used LiPo's to drive them. Although the company that makes the "TrustFire" battery does not recycle laptop batteries I would not be surprised if another Chinese knockoff outfit might. Who knows what you might be buying from a no name outfit on Amazon, etc.

Most of the 18650 LiPo batteries are protected. That is, they have a small microchip circuit underneath the cap on the "-" end of the battery. Try peeling off the endcap of an old 18605 and you'll see what I am talking about. Anyways, it is this circuit that protects against over-current (in and out) and overcharging. Without it you risk explosions if your battery charger doesn't regulate current or charge well or if you over current or short the battery. Some of these stories you see on the net are from people using unprotected batteries. I imagine others had defective protection circuits. There are even some people who remove the protection circuit to try to increase current output (not a good idea). These batteries store an enormous amount of energy for their size and are capable of giant current drains making them very dangerous without a protection circuit. Unprotected batteries can be purchased but you have to specifically look for them. There is very little need for the average consumer to need an unprotected LiPo and unless you know why you need one it is best to avoid them as they offer little over a protected cell and can be very dangerous.

Panasonic is a good brand. Costs a little more but they tend to last longer then the cheap ones. There is a guy over at www.laserpointerforums.com who uses the screen name LarryDFW who sells top quality batteries and chargers. He is a little more than you will find on Amazon and eBay but he is a longtime trusted forum member who has been in business a while and has a great reputation. If you want the best quality batteries I would talk with him.

So, bottom line is if you buy your Trusfire battery from a decent source you should be fine but you get what you pay for in the end. They have worked fine for me for years in many different applications but they don't last as long as your better brands and the current output is widely variable between cells (can be important in laser building and power output). If you are really worried go with Panasonic or check with LarryDFW at the forum I mentioned above.

Hope that is helpful....

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