Ar15 Charging handle with oversized tactical / spec ops latch. The extended latch is great, especially if you're using a scope that makes a standard latch hard to grab.  
Black Anodized Aluminum.
Designed to fit and work as a drop-in replacement for the standard charging handle on any mil-spec ar15. 
100 pack for dealers / wholesale / oem /bulk / distributors
Item #: 100 pack spec ops ch

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100 pack? Good news! Keep in mind these are multi-purpose charging handles. They make great back scratchers, button pushers, coffee stirrers... Why buy just one when you can buy a hundred? It's a steal!

In all honesty, the only use I could see for this listing is finding its way to Demolition Ranch for a "How many charging handles does it take to stop a .50 cal" vid.

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just what I needed, a lifetime supply

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