Troy Ind. CBIR .223/5.56 30rd AR BattleMags - $13.95

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Troy® Industries CBIR™ (Chemical, Biological, and Impact Resistant) polymer Battlemags™. Feed lips and anti-tilt follower are reinforced for strength. A bolstered floor plate is set flush so that it will not catch on other magazines when pulled from a pouch. The Troy magazine is as sleek as it is strong. Operators will save crucial seconds when executing magazine changes. The specially designed spine eliminates the possibility of over insertion that is common with other polymer magazines. The Troy BattleMag is engineered to function flawlessly with all M4, M16/AR15, HK416®and FN Scar® rifles and carbines. It comes with flush and shock absorbing extended floor plate.

Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Magazines
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Whats with the little handle

Whats with the little handle thing? Is it really too hard to change magazines without it?

Anything to make a buck I guess.

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another 10,000 Troy Mags in

another 10,000 Troy Mags in stock - magazine shortage is officially over

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damn, remember when these

damn, remember when these would be scooped up in a matter of minutes? 10,000 in stock or not? Now, the ammo issue.

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nice, close to 5000 of them

nice, close to 5000 of them in stock

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Says $14.95 (shipped) but I

Says $14.95 (shipped) but I couldn't find a free shipping code or anything. Shipping came up at about $12. Am I missing something???

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Yeah, same thing with me. I

Yeah, same thing with me. I was wanting 2 for 29.90 shipped but with shipping it was over 40 bucks for 2 so I passed. The only 1 coupon I could find for this company didn't work. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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sorry guys, my mistake,

sorry guys, my mistake, shipping is extra, it's corrected now, however only 4 are in stock at the moment

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stewj21's picture

I just put 10 in my shopping

I just put 10 in my shopping cart and shipping was $8.32 for the order. Not bad at all.

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Just bought me some more of

Just bought me some more of these. Thanks poster. Not great price but not bad. Gonna be another year before these prices come all the way down if ever. Must....stop....hoarding....

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in my opinion, in about a

in my opinion, in about a month no one will want to buy any more mags and these will all hit rock bottom prices. Only exception is Pmags, it will take another 3-6 months for them to hit rock bottom.

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Hope I'm wrong but I think

Hope I'm wrong but I think these will be banned soon.

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nah, all the news already

nah, all the news already said assault weapon and 30rd mag WILL NOT BE BANNED. this is coming from the mouth of senate majority leader

"Feinstein said Reid told her Monday afternoon that the ban on certain types of military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines would not be part of package of bills that would make up the Senate legislation."

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But I think they are still

But I think they are still going to offer the bans as amendments to the main legislation. Tricky ba$tards.

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You are correct. They just

You are correct. They just removed the assault weapon ban and mag ban from the main bill so that they could vote on them individually as amendments. It's bad because now everyone thinks we've won and has stopped making their voices heard. In reality the assault weapon ban probably doesn't have enough support...but the mag ban might...and us stopping making our voices heard may be what tips it into happening.

Tricky ba$tards indeed.

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