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With the combination of the low premium price and superb minting strike, our SD Bullion Freedom Rounds are some of the best selling silver bullion rounds on our website.

The obverse of this silver round includes a bold but graceful bald eagle with the word "Liberty" above it and the word "Freedom" below it. As precious metals investors, we take these words very seriously. Based off our own US Constitution as well as thousands of years of recorded history, Silver represents money. Money that cannot be created out of thin air or manipulated by centralized Governments. Because we believe that silver is money, we decided to call this round the SD Bullion Freedom Round!

After receiving our first sample tube of 20 silver rounds, we can tell you these silver rounds have been beautifully crafted and minted. We selected to work with one of the largest precious metals wholesalers in the industry that has a great reputation for minting quality silver products. Since we offer silver bullion at the lowest silver prices online, you can expect this silver round to be competitively priced with other silver bullion rounds. We hope you enjoy these rounds as much as we do!

1 troy oz .999 fine silver
Tube: 20
Box: 500
Air tite size: 39mm

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That's $11 over spot, this deal is garbage.

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