Don’t get thrown for a loop by the “9x19” printed on this Turkish ammunition’s boxes. That’s just foreign-speak for 9mm, making this ammo the right pick for plinking, target shooting, and any other kind of recreational activity you might bring a 9mm handgun to.
This cartridge has a 124 grain projectile, though we have not yet determined its muzzle velocity. The bullet’s full metal jacket enhances more reliable feeding and wards off rapid barrel fouling. Its inability to expand following penetration makes it a suboptimal choice for personal protection.
Özkursan’s cases appear to be made out of brass, but they are in fact steel cases with brass plating. The plating does help them to feed more reliably into a semi-auto’s chamber, although steel cases are virtually useless for reloading. These cartridges also have Berdan primers, which perform indistinguishably from the more common Boxer primer. This Turkish-made ammo is non-corrosive.
Bullet contains no steel and is nonmagnetic.

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