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4 days ago
PW ARMS AR12 PRO 12GA AR 20" DISTRESSED BRONZE PANZER AR12PSDB A2 TWELVE TACT 12 DSTRESSD BRZ Designed for the PROFESSIONAL User with All Alloy Receiver. The AR Twelve PRO Shotgun is Based Off the AR15 Familiar Function and Design. Factory New, Multi-Purpose, Semi-Automatic Shotgun Objective for Our Customers' Tactical, Hunting, and Sporting Fulfillment. Will Deliver. SPECIFICATIONS SEMI-AUTO SHOTGUN (AR12 PRO) ​ Gauge 12 ​ Chamber 3” ​ Action Semi-Auto ​ Barrel Lenght 51 cm/20” ​ Upper Receiver Aluminum 7075 with anadized finish ​ Lower Receiver Aluminum 7075
27 months ago
The AR-12 is a gas-operated, semi-automatic shotgun designed to look and function similarly to the M16 rifle. The AR-12 is very light, ergonomic, and magazine-fed - ,unlike any other 12 gauge shotgun in the U.S. The magazine release button and manual safety mimic the M16 rifle location. The top of the receiver has a carrying handle and integral picatinny rail for mounting rear sights, or any optical accessories.