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21 months ago
R Imports Silver Eagle SE202 20ga. (SE20226) Like the popular SE122, the SE202 features nicely figured Turkish walnut with a deep gloss finish and classic prince-of-wales grip. With an action bar milled from solid bar steel, the 202 is tough enough to handle high-volume shooting with 3" magnum shells, but still sensitive enough to cycle reliably with light target loads. Fiber optic front sight, ventilated soft rubber recoil pad, 5 choke tubes (C,IC,M,IM,F) Specifications: - 20ga. - Barrel length: 26" - Turkish walnut stock - Capacity: 4+1 Chamber 3" Capacity 4+1 Barrel Length 26"
24 months ago
SILVER EAGLE TACTICAL 12GA SHOTGUN Built on the SE122 frame, the SE12 Tactical shares important characteristics: a strong but sensitive gas system that cycles reliably with a wide range of loads; an action bar milled from solid steel; a convenient magazine release that allows you to extract unfired shells from the magazine without cycling the action, an added safety feature.