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from $1,713.55
MPN: 02-128-30075-047
Weight: 12.0000
Capacity: 5Rd
from $1,816.88
MPN: 02-088-04228-047
Weight: 12.3800
Capacity: 30Rd
from $2,018.00
MPN: 02-088-22070-047
Weight: 5.7 lbs.
Capacity: 30 rd.
from $3,269.99
MPN: 02-103-15139-047
Weight: 13.6500
Capacity: 32Rd
from $1,204.99
MPN: 02-151-16191-047
Weight: 6.75 lb
Capacity: DD

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17 months ago
Daniel Defense M4 Features Accurate, tough, and hard-hitting, the Daniel Defense line of Hunter rifles takes the best aspects of Daniel's proven designs and tailor fit them to the modern sportsman. Built around a 16" Cold Hammer Forged barrel, , the Hunter 300 Blackout offers precision and accuracy with a wide variety of projectiles. Shielding the barrel and Carbine gas system is the MFR 15.0 free-floating handguard. With a continuous picatinny rail on top and M-Lok attachment on the sides and bottom, there is plenty of room for any accessory that your hunt may require.
114 months ago , by Dealer
Daniel Defense's new caliber option, the 300 Blackout, was originally designed to give the shooter a 30 caliber projectile which could be fired out of the AR platform without an increase in magazine size while still utilizing a standard bolt. The 300 Blackout is 7.62x35mm which gives the shooter similar ballistic qualities as the .308 and the 7.62x39mm, the AK round, without having to give up the light weight 5.56mm/AR platform. The 300 Blackout can still utilize in standard AR magazines without a reduction in magazine capacity.