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2 months ago
New for 2020, the Barrett MRAD Single Mission Rifle or SMR, was designed to provide shooters with a more affordable MRAD rifle. The MRAD SMR differs from the MRAD in two primary ways, the SMR is not multi-caliber and features a fixed buttstock, these two changes allowed Barrett to reduce the cost of the rifle without compromising the rifle’s performance. The MRAD SMR is available in standard and magnum calibers allowing you to choose a rifle that best suits your needs. Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle Overall Length: 44.75" Action: Bolt Action Trigger: Two Stage Adjustable
33 months ago
Developed with many years of hard-earned insight, the Model 98B from Barrett is in a league entirely of its own. The 98B offers long-range precision only others can dream about. Its straight-line design allows for faster, more accurate follow-up shooting that can tame the beast when the hunting game is large. It also reduces recoil. The 98B boasts of an M1913 optics rail, offering a generous amount of space to mount optics in addition to other accessories. Brand Barrett Manufacturi. Twist 1:8 Barrel Length 22 IN Trigger Mech Adjustable Trigger Match Grade Action Bolt Weight 9.8 LBS