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from $1,325.00
MPN: 11901
Brand: Benelli
Caliber: 300 Win Mag
Capacity: Detachable Box
Type: Rifle
from $1,472.00
MPN: 11994
Brand: Benelli
Caliber: .300 Win Mag
Capacity: 5+1

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3 months ago
Benelli's Lupo bolt-action rifle has been field-tested on hunts across the globe and found to be a truly exceptional firearm. Not only has it delivered sub-MOA accuracy and decisive on-game performance, but hunters also rave about ergonomic and customization features that make it fit like it was made just for them. From the threaded muzzle to the recoilmitigating Combtech® cheek pad, the Lupo is packed with Benelli features and technology shooters praise and declare unrivaled among hunting rifles. The Lupo is now available with Benelli's exclusive industry-leading BE.S.T.
KyGunCo 236
26 months ago
The Benelli® LUPO Bolt-Action Rifle is Benelli's first bolt-action rifle. Living up to Benelli's renowned reputation for delivering legendary performance firearms, the LUPO offers incredible sub-MOA accuracy, advanced ergonomics, and a customizable, exclusive fit right out of the box. Designed for hair-splitting accuracy, the LUPO features a precision Crio®-treated, free-floating barrel with a hardened steel barrel extension bedded to a steel block in the alloy receiver.
72 months ago
BENELLI R-1 RIFLE .300 WIN MAG 24" BARREL Black Synthetic COMFORTECH Stock Benellis R1 big game rifle recently got bigger. The R1 is now available in .338 Winchester Magnum, considered one of the most respected North American big game cartridges thats suitable for hunting large game like brown bear, moose and elk and Africas largest plains game. The Benelli R1 with ComforTech is currently available in .30-06, .300 Win. Mag., and the latest additionthe .338 Winchester Magnum.
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