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1 month ago
The "Trump Thompson" starts as a Model 1927 Tommy Gun, chambered in .45 ACP. It is entirely manufactured in the USA from quality steel and American walnut. On the right side is engraved an American flag and the image of our 45th President. His name and 45th are engraved on the receiver. The grip contains his famous quote drawing the line at infringing on Americans' rights. On the right stock are engraved the Presidential Seal, American Flag, and the White House. The grip contains another important quote from President Trump defining the Second Amendment as America's "first freedom".
20 months ago
Non-detachable buttstock. Thompson T1100D: Semi-Auto. Classic details of the time-honored original. Frame & receiver machined from solid steel. Genuine American walnut stock. 16-1/2" barrel finned (18" w/compensator). Blade front open rear adjustable sights. This package includes a 20 round stick mag plus a 100 round drum magazine and a hard case.