Bergara 7mm Rem Mag Rifle Deals
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  • 7mm Rem Mag
  • Bergara
from $807.99
MPN: B14LM507
Capacity: Hinged Floor Plate
Features: Adjustable Trigger, No. 5 Barrel, OMNI Muzzlebrake
from $969.99
MPN: B14LM357
Capacity: 5 rd. AICS
Features: Adjustable Trigger, No. 6 Barrel, OMNI Muzzlebrake
from $1,132.99
MPN: B14LM302
Capacity: 5+1
Features: AICS Style Magazine, Adjustable Cheek Weld;Sub MOA, Bergara Curved Trigger, Threaded 5/8X24 TP

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22 months ago
Bridging the gap between the B-14 and Premiere Series, Bergara brings you the B-14 Wilderness Series. This series tackles the need for rifles that can withstand the rugged and unforgiving wilderness while blending into those very same elements- hence Bergaras hand-painted camouflage stocks with added webbing for increased texture and grip. All Wilderness Series barreled actions feature Sniper Grey Cerakote ™ finishes for advanced protection in extremely harsh weather.