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8 months ago
The Pro Hunter FX is a fixed barrel (non-interchangeable) Muzzleloader. The Pro Hunter FX is a dedicated black powder rifle and features the tough-as-nails Weather Shield coating in Stainless Steel color, making the FX incredibly corrosion-resistant and the price is sure to please every hunter. Pro Hunter FX features a Weather Shield break-open action and fluted 26 in barrel. The T/C precision barrel includes the QLA Muzzle System for easier loading. The new Speed Breech 3 hand-removable breech plug makes cleaning easy.
49 months ago
Thompson / CenterTM Pro HunterTM FX Muzzleloader. A serious shooting advantage. If looks alone could kill, this fixed-barrel Black Powder Rifle would drop a 10-pointer from 100 yards out. It ain't Grandad's rifle, that's for sure. And it doesn't shoot like it either. Read on to find out what sets the Pro Hunter FX Muzzleloader apart.Weather Shield®An advanced, tough-as-nails, corrosion-protection system making the barrel and other critical metal parts nearly impervious to rust.
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54 months ago
Thompson / CenterTM Impact .50 cal. Muzzleloader!Ready? Aim. FIRE! Of course, the .50 cal. Impact is the perfect tool for hunting deer.New break-open hood design for easy access to the breech Ideal for both right or left-handed shooters 1" removable spacer in the stock, so smaller shooters can get a perfect fit, with room to grow Accurate 26" blued barrel with 1:28 twist Adjustable fiber-optic sights Sling swivel studs Triple lead thread breech plug Composite stock 1" adjustable buttstock Uses 209 primer ignition or Pyrodex® propellant. 41 1/2"l. overall, 6 1/ 2 lbs. Order Now!