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from $449.99
Brand: Henry Repeating Arms Co
Caliber: 22 LR
Features: Blue Steel Barrel
Stock: American Walnut
from $375.99
Brand: Henry Repeating Arms Co
Caliber: 22 LR
Features: 14 LOP, For Use W/ 22LR Shotshells;Round Blued Steel Barrel
Stock: Black Ash, Straight Grip
from $958.88
Brand: Henry Repeating Arms Co
Caliber: 22 LR
Features: Silver Barrel Band, Receiver Engraved W/ 24K Plated;Engraving - RT: Cowboy Roping, LT: Rodeo Tribute
Stock: American Walnut, Engraved Stock
from $1,034.99
Brand: Henry Repeating Arms Co
Caliber: 44M|44SP
Features: Tubular Magazine;Sling Swivels
Stock: Stained Hardwood, Straight Grip
from $513.20
MPN: H015B-357
Brand: Henry Repeating Arms Co
Caliber: 357 Mag
Features: Drilled And Tapped;Swivel Studs
Stock: American Walnut, Straight Grip

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4 months ago
Henry's Single Shot centerfire rifle features a matte finish on steel frames and a highly polished finished on hardened brass frames. It features a 22" round barrel, brass bead front sights, Leaf Rear sights and is drilled/tapped for optional scope use. The stock is constructed of walnut, with a curved pistol grip wrist and a straight English wrist and brass buttplate.
13 months ago
Big Boy rifles in rimmed handgun calibers established the original reputation of our centerfire models. All-Weather model lets you hunt in the rain and the snow with no fear of creeping rust. We have further upgraded these rifles to include a side loading gate for rapid magazine top-off. These slick, tough rifles come in three calibers, all with 20-inch round barrels for the long sight radius and maximum ballistic performance. All-Weather Big Boy rifles retain the original tube loading for the ease of making safe without cycling cartridges through the action.
24 months ago
Like stagecoaches, swinging saloon doors and Pony Express riders, there are many innovations of the Old West that have long faded from use and live on only in Western movies and history books. But there are still a few frontier staples that were so effective and ahead of their time that they remain in use today. Take, for instance, the intimidating octagonal barrels commonly found on the repeating rifles of that period.
29 months ago
In honor of the brave cowboys who rope, wrangle and ride, we are proud to offer the American Rodeo Tribute Edition rifle. Since their grassroots start in the late 1800s American rodeos continue to this day testing the skill and mettle of cowboys and cowgirls across the country. They have born stars like Bill “The Bull Dogger” Pickett and Jim Shoulders who is known as “the Babe Ruth of professional rodeos.” The Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame shines the spotlight on both man and beast celebrating the competitions that pit the two together.
44 months ago
Henry Garden Gun Smoothbore .22LR Shotshell Lever-Action Shotgun, 18.5″ Barrel, Black Ash Stock, Henry H001GG
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