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27 months ago
Sig Sauer 716 DMR Semi-Auto Rifle, 7.62 NATO / 308 WIN, 18″ Threaded Barrel, Magpul PRS Stock – Sig Sauer R716-H18B-DMR Familiar Handling, Unfamiliar Power, SIG SAUER® has taken the proven features of the SIG516™ and applied them into a potent AR-based rifle chambered in 7.62 x 51mm. Utilizing the short stroke pushrod operating system, an M1913 Mil-Std rail, free-floating barrel, aluminum forend, Magpul stock, and Magpul® PMAG®, the SIG716 is the rifle of choice when you require the power of a larger caliber carbine.
64 months ago
Sig Sauer TAC2 308 24.7 5R - The Tactical 2 is the most advanced version of the precision rifle developed by Blaser. Each design element was driven by the requirement to create the best shooting platform possible. Exceptional accuracy was one of the key principles during development, with effective engagement ranges of 1500 meters or more, depending on caliber and ammunition. Advanced engineering and uncompromising quality are evident in every facet of design. The Tactical 2 is a bolt action rifle featuring Blaser's revolutionary straight-pull action.