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7 months ago
For those who go deep into the wild to reach their goal, the Sako 85 Finnlight rifle is the best choice for you. Hunters that are on long-distance treks prefer high-performance rifles that are full-sized, yet lightweight. That is exactly what the Finnlight rifle provides to hunters. The Sako 85 Finnlight rifle features a fluted barrel, making it ideal for a hunter seeking a perfectly trimmed rifle. It is also an excellent choice for women and younger shooters. The Finnlight is just a continuation of the prestigious brand Sako has built since its beginning.
11 months ago , by Dealer
Caliber: .308 Winchester Weight: 3.2 kg (7 lbs) or S Short 3.1 kg (6 7/8 lbs) Rifle Overall Length: 1075 mm (42 5/16") or S Short 1015 mm (40") Action: Short action. Cartridge capacity: 6 rounds (1 in chamber, 5 in magazine) Trigger: Single set with adjustable pull from 2 to 4 lbs normal pull and less than 1 lb in the set mode. Safety: Bolt handle lock allows loading and unloading of the rifle with safety engaged Rifle Barrel Length: 570 mm (22 7/16") Rifle Barrel Twist: 11"
19 months ago
The TRG-22 in 308 Win handles a multitude of accuracy tasks: it is a thoroughbred 300 m UIT standard competition rifle, a CISM competition winner and serves the governments of several nations as their primary sniper rifle. The solid vault-like action is cold hammer-forged from special steel alloy. Integral 17 mm axial scope mounting rails with integral recoil stop-slots on the top of the receiver. The sturdy bolt with three locking lugs feeds rounds unfailingly from the centerline of a detachable staggered 2-row magazine. Reliable feed with various ammunition types.