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13 months ago
Invented in the 1850's by Benjamin Tyler Henry, this lever action rifle's rapid fire capability and high-capacity tubular magazine stood in amazing contrast to its single-shot musket counterpart. The Original Henry Rifle is identical to its history-making forerunner with the exception of caliber. Henry replaced the obsolete .44 Rimfire cartridge, exchanging it for the .44-40 caliber. Every other facet remains true to its inventor, and each gun's serial number begins with the initials BTH in his honor. The Original Henry Rifle has a grooved receiver for easy scope mounting.
57 months ago
Collecting enthusiasts will love the Henry Original Iron Frame .44-40 Winchester Lever-Action Rifle, a replica firearm from the Civil War era. It features a case-hardened steel receiver and an octagonal barrel in a blued finish. An American walnut stock with a crescent butt plate ties it all together like the originals from the 1860s. Front and rear sights. Features and Benefits - Case-hardened steel receiver - American walnut stock with a hardened crescent butt plate - Toggle link lever action with a 13+1 capacity - Blued, octagonal barrel with a target crown muzzle