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23 months ago
BudsGunShop.comManufacturer: Winchester (usra)Manufacturer part number: 200FPGBudsGunShop.comManufacturer: Winchester (usra)Manufacturer part number: 200FPG
51 months ago , by Dealer
USR Model 1873 Short Rifle .357 Magnum/.38 Special 20 Inch Barrel Blue Finish Walnut Stock 10 Round .357/11 Round .38 Special Model 1873 Short Rifle Walnut straight grip stock with a satin oil finish. Classic rifle style forearm with blued steel cap. Blued steel crescent buttplate. Round twenty inch barrel with full-length magazine tube. Semi-buckhorn rear sight with Marble Arms gold bead front sight. Steel loading gate. Receiver rear tang is drilled and tapped for optional tang-mounted rear sight for a more precise sight picture. Thirteen inch length of pull.
77 months ago
WINCHESTER® MODEL 1873 SHORT RIFLE •Timeless look & feel of the original Model 73 •Dubbed, “The Gun that Won the West®” •Drill & tapped rear receiver tang •Walnut straight stock w/smooth satin oil finish •Classic rifle style forearm w/blued steel cap •Blued steel cresent buttplate •Round steel barrel w/full-length 10-round mag. tube •Semi-Buckhorn rear & Marble Arms® gold bead front sights •Steel loading gate •Firing pin/striker block for added margin of safety •Caliber engraved brass cartridge lifter designed to eject cases away from shooter