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8 months ago
New for 2020, the Desert Tech MDRX, takes the company’s revolutionary bullpup rifle design to the next level. MDRX rifles now feature an upgraded polymer resin formula for enhanced durability against high impact falls. Additionally, gas block drainage on the MDRX has been improved to dramatically increase reliability after submersion in mud and water. The trigger of the MDRX has been improved, providing a lighter pull with less creep. All MDRX rifles now feature the new Ratchet Compensator, which provides excellent control and recoil reduction without subjecting the shooter to gas blowback.
40 months ago , by Dealer
Introduction Desert Tech MDR Rifles are part of the most adjustable and portable autoloading rifles in the world. They are the ultimate choice for those who want an innovative, adaptable and transportable autoloading rifle. The DT MDR is available with 16-inch barrels and 27-inch profiles, along with 19 inch and 30-inch or more overall length profiles, making itself readily accessible and more universally acceptable.