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4 days ago
Description Specs An Iconic Rifle Built for the Serious Enthusiast When today's modern shooters think of 5.56 NATO, they automatically think of the AR-15, and for good reason. However, the 5.56 NATO has been chambered in a lot of guns over the last half-century, and one of the coolest rifles chambered for the round is the Israeli Galil. Now, ATI is bringing these guns back to the American market for fans of this classic fighting rifle.
52 months ago , by Dealer
American Tactical Milsport Limited AR15 5.56 16" 30rd Description ATI MIL-SPort AR-15 semi auto rifle Chambered for 5.56NATO. ATI Milsport .556 NATO with forged aluminum upper and lower receiver. Forward assist, dust cover, 6 position adjustable stock, comes with a 30rd magazine