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14 months ago , by Dealer
Renowned for its versatility, ergonomics and reliability, the AR platform of rifle is the pinnacle of modern sporting rifle design and should be affordable enough so every American can make one part of their firearm collection - without compromise. To that end, we created our exclusive line of Bear Essential Rifles. These are the highest quality, most feature packed modern sporting rifles available to the American public. Our first Bear Essential rifle is in the popular 7.62x39 chambering and features:
43 months ago
 Bear Creek Arsneal  AR 15 rifle chambered in the hard hitting  762 x 39 round has a 16" Parkerized barrel, 1:10 twist rate and a standard hand guard. This rifle is chambered in 7.62x39mm and machined with M4 feed ramps (both in the lower and barrel extension).  It has a commercial buffer tube, A2 front sight, and an A2 bird cage flash hider. The upper receiver is a flat top and has rails so you can mount your favorite flip up sights or Optic . You can now enjoy the knock down power of the AK47 round with the Accuracy of the AR15 in one affordable package.
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