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5 days ago
The Constable is hard-working and dedicated, just like our nation’s finest. With The Constable the last thing you will need to worry about is whether or not your rifle is cut out for the job. It delivers performance every time you press the trigger. Plus, The Constable is purpose built to not only be budget friendly, but armorer friendly as well.
21 months ago
The Renegade is how POF does basic. The features in the Renegade go far beyond the low entry barrier that many manufacturers obtain but don't care to surpass. This barrier of entry is known as MILSPEC. As you'll see it is anything but basic. In fact the only parts that can be considered basic are the forged lower receiver and flat-top upper receiver.
54 months ago
Optics and Backup Sights Not Included Patriot Ordnance 00816 R-15 Puritan Rifle 7.62x39mm 16in 30rd Black.