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25 months ago
The Colt 9mm Submachine Gun (SMG) is exceptionally well-suited for law enforcement organizations requiring a lightweight, compact, highly-concealable, select fire weapon system for close confrontations. It is constructed with a modular rail system that allows for the easy mounting of ancillary devices, fires from a closed bolt, has a collapsible buttstock, and is easily field-stripped without the need for any special tools. The straight-line construction, coupled with the low recoil of 9mm ammunition, provides highly accurate fire with less muzzle climb, especially in full automatic fire.
42 months ago , by Dealer
COL AR6951 9mm Parabellum - 9x19mm 16.1 Inch Barrel Adjustable Post Front Sight Magpul Gen2 Back-Up rear sight Matte Black 32 Round AR6951 Flat top receiver. Bayonet lug and flash hider. Chromed bore with 6 grooves and 1:10 inch right hand twist. Front sight: adjustable post for elevation. Magpul Gen2 Back-up rear sight. Blow back, closed bolt. Matte black. Caliber-Gauge 9MM LUGER Specific Caliber 9mm, 9x19 Finish Matte Black Barrel Length 16.1 Capacity 32 Tactical Tactical Made in the USA Made in the USA Long Gun Web Model Model AR6951
74 months ago
"Designed for the plinker, serious shooter or varmint hunter, Colt’s CR6720 is a direct descendant of the rifles that made Colt ""the small-arms sensation of modern warfare”, the original AR-15 design from 1963. The CR6720 has many features that make it right at home on the range on in the field. A flat top receiver will allow for many types of optics and a tubular handguard is comfortable for all day long shooting. With its full floated 20” stainless steel heavy barrel and enhanced trigger and hammer, the CR6720 lives up to its name as the Colt Accurized Rifle.