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12 months ago
What a find and at a spectacular price! The Fostech Stryker Tech-15 .300 BLK AR-15 Rifle with the Echo II Trigger is built on the foundation of FosTech's extremely lightweight Tech 15 forged upper and lower receiver. The rifle is finished in an attractive black anodized color and features the newly designed 13" FosTech Mach-2 M-Lok rail! Other features include a 16" Faxon Gunner profile barrel, a black nitride bolt carrier group, and tons of other unique and proprietary features.
13 months ago
Stryker Features Fostech 8151-BLK-300-6226-4140: This rifle is one of the lightest and most high-quality AR-15 rifles available anywhere in the market place. Coming in at only 5.6 pounds, it is built to carry all day and still tough as nails. The rifle features a slimline Faxon Gunner profile barrel, Fostech's proprietary lightweight upper and lower receiver, black nitride bolt carrier group, and newly designed Mach-2 13" OD Green lightweight rail.