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15 months ago
Alexander Arms Alexander Tactical .50 Beowulf 16" Threaded 7rd Geisselle FDE SKU#: RBEOTACT UPC#: 819511020038
87 months ago
Alexander Arms AR-15 A3 Overwatch Upper Assembly 6.5 Grendel 1 in 9" Twist 24" Barrel Stainless Steel with Free Float Tube Handguard, 10-Round Magazine. This Alexander Arms Overwatch AR-15 Upper Receiver Assembly comes complete and ready to fire upon installation onto any standard, small pin lower receiver. The Overwatch is chambered for the high performance 6.5 Grendel cartridge, offering shooters an excellent alternative to the traditional 223 Rem/5.56 NATO round that boasts more power, greater ballistic efficiency, increased effective range and enhanced accuracy potential.
90 months ago
Alexander Arms AR-15 A3 AWS Upper Assembly 50 Beowulf 1 in 20" Twist 16.5" Barrel Matte with Midwest Free Float Quad Rail Handguard, Tank Muzzle Brake, 7-Round Magazine. This Alexander Arms AR-15 AWS Upper Receiver comes fully assembled and ready to install on any standard small pin lower receiver. Chambered for the awesome 50 Beowulf cartridge, this upper squeezes 50 Caliber firepower into a standard AR-sized envelope, offering shooters an immense step up the power scale compared to a traditional 223 Remington.