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6 months ago
749-008-037WB IMR 4895 Powder - 8 lbs. Size: 8 lb Description A match shooter's favorite for many years, this versatile powder was originally used by the military in the .30-06 round. Delivers excellent accuracy and performance in cartridges ranging from the .17 Remington to .243 Winchester to .375H&H Magnum SKU#: 948958
7 months ago
749-008-035WB IMR 4350 Powder - 8 lbs. Size: 8 lb Description This is the powder you want for loading the new, shor magnum cartridges from Remington and Winchester when using light to medium weight bullets SKU#: 943508
49 months ago
This smokeless powder is ideal for your reloading needs. Item number#: IK-210743 SKU#: Array Photo may not depict available powder type. Refer to order chart or dropdown box for available powder types. Carefully review your final order to ensure you will be receiving your desired powder type.
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