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30 months ago
PRODUCT DETAILS DETAILS Manufacturer: Winchester Product Line: Winchester Components Caliber: .25 WSSM Casing Material: Brass Quantity: 50 FEATURES Shell cases for handguns and rifles are engineered to precise tolerances to ensure smooth-feeding and positive chambering. Winchester carries unprimed rifle shellcases and both primed and unprimed handgun shellcases. These .308 brass cases are perfect for reloading or making your own custom hunting loads. REVIEWS MPN#: 795217
Bereli 195
30 months ago
Winchester Unprimed Brass Cases 38-55 Winchester 50/Bag Md: WSC3855Wu Winchester Unprimed Shell Cases Are engineered To Precise tolerances To Ensure Smooth Feeding And Positive chambering. Bullet Type: Unprimed Brass Caliber: 38-55 Win Weight: Lightweight Quantity: 50 Per Bag Manufacturer: Winchester Model: WSC3855Wu MPN#: 1053245
Bereli 169
34 months ago
Winchester® unprimed handgun brass is manufactured to extremely tight tolerances to ensure smooth feeding, and positive chambering. Outstanding accuracy results from Winchester's high quality, consistent wall thickness, resulting in every case weighing the same and holding the same amount of powder. Winchester's durable unprimed handgun brass can be reloaded many times, maximizing your shooting pleasure by minimizing the cost. Manufactured to extremely tight tolerances Smooth feeding, and reliable chambering Can be reloaded many times Consistent wall thickness Delivers superb accuracy
88 months ago
Precision ammunition requires quality components. Winchester® Unprimed Rifle Brass Casings are cut and polished, ready for custom reloads for optimal performance. - Precision-formed brass casings - Optimized for standard or custom loads - Unprimed Caliber/Gauge .30-30 Winchester Quantity 50 Model Number BW060/WSC3030WU SKU: 521030 Web ID: 10206923
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