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31 months ago
Traditions SMACKDOWN® Carnivore™ Muzzleloader Sabot Bullets now are built with the redesigned Ridgeback™ Sabot. This sabot design has thinner walls with horizonal ridges. This structure has added extra layers to the gas seal and it has reduced the frictional contact area on the barrel walls. This has resulted in easier loading, and the enhanced gas seal delivers even more shot-after-shot accuracy. Perfect for hunting, Traditions SMACKDOWN bullets also feature a polycarbonate tip, which reduces drag for a straighter flight path and even more knockdown power when it hits game.
34 months ago
Traditions™ SmackDown SST Polymer Tip Bullets feature Super Shocked yellow tip with copper jacket and lead core for controlled expansion. 3-petal sabot for smooth loading and superior gas seal. - Super Shocked yellow tip - Copper jacket - Lead core for controlled expansion - 3-petal sabot for smooth loading - Superior gas seal Caliber .50 Grain 250 Grain Quantity 30 Pack Model Number A1826 SKU: 1686198 Web ID: 10207691
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