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45 months ago
These cast lead bullets are pre-lubed to prevent fouling and have hardness levels of approximately 20 bhu. .45 Caliber 200 Grain .452 Dia. SWC/RNFP 250 rounds SWC-Semi Wad Cutter Item: IK-218285 Product ID: 00164
64 months ago
This is likely the cheapest you're going to find on the net! We make pennies, while you save big. New Manufacture Berry's 9mm 115gr RN, preferred plated. These are not blemished or factory seconds. $37.95 per 500, $74.49 per 1000, or $296.88 for the 4000ct MEGA Box! Sure to give your postal worker a workout. Stock up for that rainy day! 1000 ship for just $6.95 + insurance. 4000 ship for just $12.80 + insurance. We also carry Berry's 45 Cal 230gr and 40 Cal 180gr - at attractive prices.