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3 weeks ago
749-015-365WB 357 SIG Brass 100/Bag Cartridge: 357 SIG Finish: Brass Quantity: 100 Description Specs Factory-new brass comes unprimed and is always sold from the same lot. Available in either 50- or 100-count bags.
7 months ago , by Dealer
Blow molded case. Custom TPR molded handle with magnetic head. Double faced hammer with steel and nylon heads. 8 brass head punches: 1/6 9/64 3/16 7/32 1/4 9/32 5/16 inch. 6 steel head punches: 2x 1/16 2x 3/32 15/64 3/8 inches. Winchester Brass And Steel Punch Set 15 Piece In Molded Case Mfg Item Num: 363257 Item Code: 363257
19 months ago
749-013-280WB SUPER HANDICAP SMOKELESS POWDER 8LBS Size: 8 lb Description Winchester spherical powders are known for theirconsistent burn rates and clean burning characteristicsand are widely used for reloading shotshell,handgun, and rifle ammunition. Same powder as used in Winchester’s Super Handicap ammunition, this slowerburning shotgun powder gives high velocities needed in long range loads. MPN#: WSH8
49 months ago
Winchester Unprimed Rifle Brass loads smoothly and stands up to repeated reloading. Winchester is the only ammunition manufacturer that makes its own cartridge components from raw materials right through to the finished product. Made in USA. Per 50. Item number#: IK-214320